Logistics Management Software

Transportation management made easy

Meeting the toughest demands and to develop a fail safe system for a complex business needs much more than a set of tools. It needs thorough understanding of a logistics business, it's workflow, hurdles faced in day to day operations, analysing the industry trends, infrastructure bottlenecks etc. INVIDEV's authoritative expertise in server side technology along with application development skill sets powers this software to be a futuristic workflow solution par excellence.

  • Centralised Administration
  • Invoice Rate Settings
  • Consignment Tracking
  • Controls cost and enhances productivity
  • Operational Statistics

State-of-the-art User Interface

Software user interface follows familiar Microsoft Office trends and is based on ribbon menus. Users can apply many different predefined skins and customize the look of the application.


Profit Estimation and Tracking

Each project is a set of shipments, transporting of which, must result with profit. System workflow is organized around maximizing project profit. For every project you can define expected revenue and costs, which will provide you with profit estimations.


Invoicing and Expense Management

Invoices can be issued and costs recorded in any number of different currencies. Invoices and other documents can be emailed with a single mouse click straight from the application.


Comprehensive Reporting

Reports are end-user customizable and include drill-down/grouping/filtering options - this allows you to modify the reports with very few mouse clicks and examine results from different angles.


Bill/AWB Generation

Transport documentation can be generated with very few mouse clicks and either printed our e-mailed straight from the application in PDF format.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our logistics software allows you to build up a database of customers, partner companies, and persons. Company or person details can be instantly searched using universal search box. Company and person lists can be grouped and filtered based on many different properties.



  • Better Services

    You receive professional, knowledgeable and thorough services.

  • Better Professionals

    You benefit from our qualified, trained and experienced manpower, in-house as well as on contract.

  • Better Infrastructure

    We have the infrastructure, communication base, support structures.

  • Better Support

    You receive prompt and punctual services, 24x7 support before, during and after completion of the project.

  • We value you

    We are friendly, geared to assist you prosper and grow in your business and achieve greater success in a competitive environment through your interactive websites designed and developed by us, offering best Return on investments.

How we work

  • Rapid Concept Workshop

    INVIDEV experts discuss your requirements, understand what you expect and explain what can be achieved. Simultaneously, our market researchers study competition, current markets, potential customer expectation and behaviors and the analyzed data is considered while developing your website.
  • Project Sign-off

    A preliminary project scope is prepared and submitted to you for approval and terms are agreed upon.
  • Project Kick-off

    Our programmers begin working on your interactive web, keeping you constantly updated. We follow the agile path to development with modifications and refinements being incorporated as we go along instead of at the final stage.
  • Pre-release Testing

    The final interactive website is tested for bugs and errors on in-house server before being hosted and again after hosting with small kinks ironed out in the process. Rigorous tests for accessibility, errors and functionality are carried out on different browsers and platforms.
  • We make it Live

    After successful testing and your approval, we make the website live.
  • Basic Training

    We also give a basic training in order to let your team to have a hands-on-experience on doing stuffs efficiently.

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