Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find all frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our services. The questions and answers are divided into different subcategories which you can browse. If you don't see your question answered here, please ask us your question via e-mail.

  • How can my business benefit from a website ?

    A website is a mark of a serious business. Just the way a company without registration isn't taken seriously by businesses, a company without a website is considered "outdated" and "behind the trend". Additionally, a professionally designed website can attract many sales. It can also optimise your day to day operations by digitising your work and automating your routine manual tasks.
  • What does it take to create a web portal ?

    The costs of a website or a portal are very economical these days. Based on your requirements and the level of customisation, we can offer you the best rates for very high quality and reliability.
    Most of our packages include Domain and Hosting charges.
  • How soon can my software or website be finished ?

    We follow Agile development methodology. Which means that we don't make you wait till the end of the project to show you some usable feature. Every week or two we give you fully functioning feature. This way you get to use your product very soon and can give us feedback continuously.
    We believe in transparency and collaboration to make great products.
  • What if I already have an existing code ?

    One of the most common requests we get is to take-over control because our clients have seen our professionalism and are frustrated with their current developer. We rescue your code and maintain it, make updates, changes and improvements.
  • What do you offer that no one else does ?

    Apart from the many advantages mentioned already, you will find that INVIDEV's team will truly understand your business and offer carefully designed solutions just for you.
    We work with the mindset of being your "Technical Co-Founders". This is a trust that our client's have in us.