Hospital/Patient Management Software

Smart way to manage your hospital/clinic

Administrative staffing is one of the major drivers of high healthcare costs. Automating routine processes, like patient flow management, helps medical clinics and hospitals minimize their administrative expense while maintaining efficiency and excellence in patient care. Solo practices benefit significantly from automation because of their limited resources. A patient management solution streamline record keeping, patient appointment scheduling, claims processing and billing functions. The physician has instant access to patient information and a reliable method for updating charts, noting medications and other important data. Accurate billing and bookkeeping keeps the practice running smoothly.

  • Record & update electronic medical records
  • Book appointments online 24x7
  • Make automated appointment reminder calls/texts/emails
  • Records appointment history for each patient
  • Generates e-charting
  • Manages medication
  • Automates billing processes
  • TIER IV Servers
  • Fast & Effective

Patient Check In / Check Out

For In-Patient (IPD): If the new patient gets admitted to the system then a unique record is generated for each patient and patient details along with the room reservation and its case papers and other details will be stored in the system. And also room Allotment is taken care. Once patient gets a discharge then his check out from hospital along with the billing details will be taken care of by the system.

For Out-Patient (OPD): If the new patient visits the Doctor in OPD, the system then generate a unique record for each patient and patient details along with the its case papers and other details are stored in the system. Billing details are also taken care of by the system


Laboratory / Pathology Automation

The system keeps track of the laboratories in the hospital. The equipment purchasing, inventory and billing of the purchase will be maintained by the system. The system keeps track of the tests performed on different patients and its records will be maintained by the system


Pharmacy Management

The pharmaceutical department is a very important part of the hospital. The system keeps track of the inventory. The patient prescription details and the information about the category-wise medicines are stored. The records for each patient and their bills will be maintained by the system and it will be added to the record on being discharged.


Staff Record Maintenance

The system keeps track of the entire staff of the hospital. The details of each and every staff person (User) will be maintained online and a username and password will be provided to them so that they can log on to the system and perform activities related to there concerned departments. Also a user with proper access and rights is provided and can add, delete and modify records of the existing users to the system.



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